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Message for patients – 111 is available but is currently extremely busy and are unable to answer calls as quickly as they would like to. If you are able, you may find it quicker to use 111 online accessible at, the online service is only for people aged 5 and over. If you feel that you are safely able to look after yourself without speaking to someone then guidance on self-treatment is available at You can also get advice at your local pharmacy or GP when open. As ever if it is an emergency, please call 999.

Did you know that if you are registered with a local (bassetlaw CCG) practice and you have any of the following symptoms you can book an appointment at local primary eye care service. This can be for Minor eye conditions/problems & Urgent eye conditions/problems. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 

  • Loss of vision 
  • Flashes or floaters in the eye 
  • Ocular pain
  • Irritation
  • Eye infections
  • Trichiasis (in growing eyelashes)

For Urgent eye conditions such as -

  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Red or painful eye 
  • Distortion of vision
  • Foreign body 

Due to current circumstances please call 0300 303 4922 to make an appointment. 

For more information, and to find your local practice please follow the link below.


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lung health checks ⇓

On Friday 1st July Newgates covid vaccination team along side NHS Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group visited the bus park for Sparken Hill Academy & Holy Family Catholic Primary School on the Health Bus. A BIG well done to all of the 5-11 year olds that attended for a vaccination.. You were all amazing🎉🎉. And another big thank you to all of the staff involved.....we even had a visit from batman!

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Bassetlaw practices continue to offer a high quality service for Bassetlaw residents

Bassetlaw CCG have applauded General Practice in Bassetlaw following a national independent Patient Survey that has shown satisfaction with local primary care services continues to improve across a range of areas.  In particular, patient satisfaction with local reception staff is one of the highest in the country. In addition, Bassetlaw GPs also recently won two National Awards in the category for safety and quality of consultations.


During the pandemic work to meet local primary care needs has continued whilst Bassetlaw practices have also continued to offer local COVID vaccination services.  By reducing the need for significant travel and engaging with local people directly, Bassetlaw’s network of primary care practices (called Primary Care Networks) have achieved very high levels of vaccination rates.  Anyone eligible and wishing to have a COVID jab can still access these local services.  A Bassetlaw CCG representative stated, “Both COVID and Flu vaccinations will continue to be offered as we move into winter and will be important to help individuals as well as our local community to remain safe and well.  Ask your local practice for more information or contact our dedicated email ‘helpline’ on covid vaccinations: 


While demand for local health and care services continues to rise across Bassetlaw, placing considerable strain on hard working staff, recent figures have shown that local practices offer substantially more appointments than the national average. Bassetlaw practices are seeing the equivalent of over half the population of the District every month.


In addition, the number of appointments provided the same day the patient contacted the surgery is also consistently high.  In September this was 240 per 1,000 population compared with a national average of 202.  The number of face-to-face appointments is also rising, increasing by 29% in September compared to August. 


Idris Griffiths, the CCG’s Chief Officer, stated “We recognise that some patients have struggled to access services in the way they did before the COVID pandemic.  We are working hard across all our partner organisations to improve access to services that will help us sustain being one of the highest performing areas in the country.  We believe we can do this more quickly with the support of our local community and local people.  We would encourage everyone to remain kind and considerate to our local health and care professionals who continue to work hard to maintain services. 


“Bassetlaw CCG applauds and wishes to express our thanks to General Practice staff for their ongoing dedication to support the needs of local people under such challenging times. We continue to be thankful for the commitment and hard work that goes into delivering high quality services for our Bassetlaw community.”


Further information about what alternative services are available locally to meet patient needs and the response to local queries on this topic can also be found via the Bassetlaw CCG website

Spring Boosters

If you have not yet had your spring booster and would like to have the vaccination/ or you think you are eligible, please email
This must include your full name, DOB & a contact number (preferably mobile).
The covid vaccine team will then contact you to arrange the appointment. This may be via text with a booking link or telephone call.
Anyone aged 75 and over, and people aged 12 and over who are immunosuppressed, are now eligible for a Spring #COVID19 booster vaccine.
It must haver been 91 days since your last covid vaccination , If you have recently had a covid positive test you must wait 4 weeks until you can be vaccinated. Please note children aged 12-17 years must be 12 weeks clear of a positive covid test before they can receive a vaccination.


Busy Phonelines and Long Waits

Dear Newgate patients,

We want to apologise unreservedly for the very long waiting times on the phone when you ring the surgery.

There are many reasons for this, and I just want to help you understand why this is and what we are going to do about it.

The problem

1.)     The stress of working through the pandemic, the hugely increased workload, and the very busy phonelines have sadly taken a toll.

There are staff who have fallen ill (long term) and there are those who have left the practice due to the unrelenting work-stress. This has a direct impact on the availability of remaining staff to man the phones, deal with patients at the desk and sorting medical and nursing problems for patients.

2.)    Since the easing of lockdown, we have seen an enormous increase in patients contacting us for help. The pent-up demand of 16 months has led to patients bringing complex problems, some who are very sick. What is also clear is that many are bringing multiple problems all at once.

The sorting out of every individual person with multiple problems on the phone or face-to-face is taking a much longer time and this has also resulted in the longer waits.

To give you an example:

Newgate Medical group has over 30’000 patients to look after.

Previously the average duration of a receptionist phone call was 4 minutes. It is now 12 minutes. Therefore, you can understand that if > 20 – 30 people are calling at any one minute in the busy period and each one takes at least 12 minutes or longer, this inevitably creates longer waits

In the last year alone, the practice had 157,191 patient contacts - face to face and via telephone.

I can assure you all our staff are working our hardest to help our patients.

Certainly professionally, we have never worked harder or longer hours than at any time in our professional general practice life.

Improving the Situation

1.)     We are busy recruiting more staff to cope with the demand and workload.
Please give us some time to get them settled in and train them to do the best job possible.


2.) We also offer an online service for booking appointments, requesting prescriptions, and accessing your medical record – to sign up please follow the link

 3.) A new telephone system will be introduced at the end of September, which should reduce wait times.

4.) We have added dedicated prescription line, to help free up the phone lines for patients ringing for appointments and any other health enquiries.

I hope this communication helps to provide an insight to the challenges the practice is facing and what we are doing to improve our services.

Newgate Management Team